Challange of the Month (double dose edition)


Due to Desmund’s terrible planning skills and spreading himself too thin, we missed July’s challenge(I did, at least.). Because Desmund sucks so hard, we’ll attempt combining two challenges into one thread.

Our first challenge is one I would have liked to have done a couple months ago, but I couldn’t because of my injured hand. Who likes handstands? THIS guy! The challenge is simple: see how long you can hold a handstand. Those of you with more advanced skills see how long you can hold it freestanding. For those of us adjusting to being inverted in such a manner, start against a wall and test your endurance.
Just remember, if you’re not practicing good form, then you might as well not be training in the first place. Here’s a couple good internet finds I’d recommend for anyone wishing to learn more about the handstand:

Beastskills: The Handstand
The York Handbalancing Course


Challenge Numero Dos
This one is gonna be a fun one to play around with on your own. This one is a remake of an old challenge that didn’t get the respect I feel it deserved. Of course, it was my challenge, so anything less than everything wasn’t going to be enough. Challenge number two is simple: Train Moar N00b!!1 No matter how hard you train you can always train harder. You know that thing you’ve been itching to do, but have yet to accomplish? Now is the time to train harder and work to accomplish this goal.

One thing I’d like to keep in mind is to be rational. I know that’s asking a lot from some of you, but please remember fear is a double-edged sword. It can be used to give you a reality check in situations where bravado has ousted wit. However, fear can also be preventative of progression in that lack of confidence prevents you from performing that which you are readily capable of doing. Find yourselves a good balance of fear and train hard.

Desmund’s post script: If you’re finding great hesitation in something that doesn’t pose great risk, Desmund recommends you start back at step one and find where you left your confidence.