We wanted to send out an extended schedule for PKUSA.  You may also view the schedule here for extended info:

Thursday June 25th:  (view extended info for locations)
For those who show up early we are meeting in Austin, Texas, at the base of the UT tower of the University of Texas.  Because Texas is so big, we are offering this day of training in Austin for those who decide to come early for the jam in San Antonio.
Dinner in Austin, then caravan leaves for San Antonio Thursday night and early Friday morning.
Friday June 26th; (view extended info for locations)
Jamming begins in San Antonio for those who arrived early for the weekend.  There will be a lot of traveling this day as we will be hitting up small locations all around the San Antonio area.  For all locations that we visit,  workshops will also be held along with normal training.
Dinner. We will meet at Jereme Sanders’ house to decide where/what about dinner.
Our Big Welcome. Meeting will be held at Rivercity Gymnastics. Briefing on our jamming schedule, rules, and sleeping arrangements will be at this time. No doubt there will be some sort of night training ;).
Saturday June 27th; (view extended info for locations)
Arrive at Hemisphere Park. Extensive warm up
for those who want to join and a quick explanation of ground rules.
Break for lunch at Rivercity Mall food court. Then continue jamming downtown San Antonio.
Meetup and Dinner Time.
Arrive at Rivercity
Gymnastics and possible tricking session.
Round table for US Community Leaders. Let’s see what we can get accomplished
Sunday June 28th; (view extended info for locations)

Leave from San Antonio in the morning. We will caravan to Texas State University in San Marcos.
Arrive at Texas State University. We will jam at the university for a couple hours.
Arrive at park in San Marcos
, including one awesome playground. When we’re not too busy vaulting over the picnic tables, a Texas style BBQ will be served on them.
Time to say our goodbyes. Caravans will leave the park and head toward San Antonio or your respected area.

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