Take Flight Grand Opening


This Wednesday, June 24th, one of the first major Parkour based clothing companies in America will be opening its doors. The company is called Take Flight, and at 11:00pm Central Time, it will undergo its International Clothing Launch at which time its online store will immediately become available and open for purchasing to Texas traceurs (the “official” launch time from the site is June 25th at Midnight Eastern Time, which is technically Thursday). Starting with 14 shirts, including 6 core designs across various styles and manufacturing options, the company has a solid core lineup(all of which is will be shipping internationally to consumers in over 195 countries). In addition to the initial product launch Take Flight will be adding one new shirt a week to the line for the next three weeks, with plans to add pants, training wear, and new designs in the following weeks and months.


Special attention has been paid to the shirts’ design and construction so as to maximize its benefit to traceurs. Tag-less builds, ring-spun cotton (much softer and more durable than standard cotton tees), and/or light weight cuts have been implemented in all the styles. These aspects provide less skin irritation during movement, pull sweat and moisture away from the body, and provide maximum comfort during training and casual wear. The designs feature an urban and edgy flair and include full color production as well as special manufacturing processes such as embedded silver/gold foil.


Founder, Adam Dunlap, is also the Founder of Revolution Parkour (of which Matthew Lee Willis is also involved), a “company specialized in implementing Parkour and Freerunning in commercial media, marketing campaigns, print publishing, and event entertainment”.


The Take Flight homepage, http://www.TakeFlightApparel.com, currently displays a countdown clock and will update to the site at launch.