Chance to Build Parkour Park at San Antonio!


Guess what we got?  We have our foot in the door to build our very own Parkour Park in Converse, Texas just outside of San Antonio!  The project was headed up by Devin Martin, one of San Antonio’s leaders.  He presented a convincing case to the City Manager, Sam Hughes, of Converse.  The land has been opened to Texas Parkour under a Use Rights Agreement.

What does that mean?  It means that (1) we don’t officially own the property, but are more or less renting it for free; (2) we can use the property as long as we are helping troubled youth and keeping them off the streets; and (3) we can build on it as much as we want.

Most importantly we have to start development on this property in the next two months, or it get bulldozed.  Let’s pull our efforts and resources together and get this done.  A budget summary will be coming out later this week to understand better what it will take to make this great facility!  Thank you everyone who supports Texas Parkour.