Ask men? Why not?

0 recently published an article about some very effective conditioning workouts for Parkour. I am formally challenging everyone to step it up and complete one (if not all seven) of these a day over the next seven days. Push yourself. Ask more from yourself. Go the distance and of course, check out the full, well written, article.


1- Jump squats

Benefits: As many of the movements in parkour include rebounding off walls, the ground or other objects, you are going to want to have explosive quad strength. Jump squats are just the thing to get those results. 

How to do them: Begin by crouching down in a low, squat position so your knees are fully bent at 90-degree angles and your arms are crossed in front of you — keep your back as straight as possible. Next, use your quad muscles to jump as high as you can off the floor; as you jump, extend your legs and raise your arms as well. Immediately move back into the squat position once you land and repeat. Do a series of 10 jumps before resting after the completion of a set. Perform 2 to 3 more sets.

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