Women’s Jam


The first Women’s Jam on March 7th was a great success! It fell on the same weekend as Explore UT, so there was a lot of bustle on campus, but it was a beautiful day with a good turnout. Eleven women showed up, spanning a whole range of ages and experience levels, but all ready to train and learn and have fun. We warmed up with a wall traverse and then some QMs and diving monkeys in the grass.

After everyone was feeling nice and warm, we practiced rolls by popular request, and then a little bit of rail balance on the way to our next location. While we were balancing, some girls passing through thought it looked like fun, and jumped right in! Then we went 

to another area to train vaults, cats, and wall runs. After this everyone was tired and hungry, so we stretched out and went to get some lunch. We came back after lunch for a little bit of jamming, fun, and playing around until people had to leave.


All in all, the jam went great! The girls enjoyed pushing themselves and training with other women. Many discovered that they were capable of more than they had thought, and everyone learned something. A big inspiration and special treat was the presence of Janine and Brandee, two talented traceuses from Seattle, who made the journey all the way to Texas to jam with us. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this possible, I hope you had fun, and come train with us again soon! 

More great photos Here