Texas Parkour is Hiring


You don’t have to clean out your ears.  Yes, Texas Parkour is hiring and wants you to work for us!  We have several positions to fill and there will be an very fun application process in which you will be able to join the team.

Positions Available-

Equipment Manager
Events/Marketing Manager
Outreach Manager
Fund Raising Manager
Media Manager
Assistant to the Media Manager

3 Intern Position
(create your own position by bringing your love into Texas Parkour)

*please know that all jobs will be commission based and require a large amount of DEDICATION and AMBITION* 

If you are interested in taking up a position please download and fill out the APPLICATION HERE.  We will need it filled out copy in hand and you will be required to drive to Austin, Texas for a formal face to face interview.  Please schedule all interviews with

Matthew Lee Willis
Phone: 830-377-1897 
Address: 8902 Linton Dr. Austin TX, 78748{mos_fb_discuss:27}