March Challenge of the Month




If you’ve been to a Texas Parkour jam/workshop in recent months, you’ve heard this. In our discipline, we often encounter barriers that are more mental than physical. We’ve all had that moment when we hesitated, came up with an excuse, or simply walked away from something that eluded us. You knew you had the physical ability, but your mind said you shouldn’t. Fear can be a very effective tool. Often it can remind you of your mortality and how fragile the human skeletal system actually is. However, there are times where we let our fear get the best of us and we tend to regret it. Thus, our objective for this month, is this elusive creature; fear. Do not, I repeat,do not take this as an incentive or excuse to throw a gainer off of the nearest building. This is motivation to do that which you should already be able to do, but have yet to muster up the internal fortitude. Whether it’s a tricky cat-pass to arm jump, or a tricky precision that’s just far enough for you to be uncomfortable, I urge you not to go out and mercifully throw yourself at it, but go forth and train. Create the courage to move the way you feel you know you can. Repetition is the key. To quote David Belle, “A bad Traceur does a technique until he gets it right. A good Traceur does it until he can not get it wrong.” If you know you cannot get it wrong, there is not questioning or hesitation, only taking time to focus.

Pick your challenge, and give it your all. I wish you all the best of luck in your individual journeys.