March Article of the Month


A director introduced me to Parkour a year ago. I went for one day and had a lot of fun. I was awed by the things momentum and skill can do for you, although, both my fiancé and I came away slightly injured and sore for like three days. I enjoyed it but I was worried about the health of my joints and bones. It didn’t help that one person was wearing pads to protect from a previous injury and another couple of people got hurt and had to sit out the rest of the time. It was a little intimidating from the injury side but on the other hand it felt fantastic to be going out and seeing what my body was and wasn’t capable of.

Life got busy and parkour has been in the back of my mind for a while. A year later the same director is shooting a movie and needs a lead role that knows parkour. Ding ding ding. Perfect chance to be motivated! So I started training with Matthew for the part about three months ago. At first I was a little nervous but come to find out a lot had changed since a year ago. It seems like the art of training parkour has evolved and there is more of a step-by-step process now than before. Before I pretty much jumped right into advanced stuff without any prior training. Now it is very clear that you need to go at the pace your body is capable of. My body was super sore after one day of conditioning training!

I could tell when my body was ready to move on to the next step when I wouldn’t stay as sore for so long. To be honest my pattern with learning things is not very humble. When I get introduced to something interesting I usually want to step from the what I call the “Infancy” stage to the “I know it all” Phase. Parkour has been strangely humbling for me. I can give only what is in me at the time to give. I can’t do 50 push-ups in a row on my first day of training and I know it because my body collapses and wont get up. No matter how many things I tell it, it just says “Nope sorry.” I do know, however, that if I try to do 50 push-ups each time I train I will eventually get there. At this point I’m not even counting. Lol. I am enjoying pushing my body to it’s limits and then finding next time I train that I am not at the same limit anymore.

In general it’s just fun. Fun to feel your self fly up on top of the wall, fun to play on playgrounds with little kids and showing them up hehe. I feel like this is what’s lost with age. The ability to go out in your community and play. When I was a kid I used to jump from stump to stump, climb walls and trees. I tried to balance like a trapeze artist on a rope. This is much the same but now I’m older and more conscious of my body and able to monitor my abilities, unlike the sloppiness of being a kid. Injuries are going to happen but they are not going to slow me down. Generic Levitra vs brand Levitra by cost at cheap generic Vardenafil. I plan of learning from each situation and making sure I continue to get better. One things for sure, I am definitely getting off my lazy adult society butt and doing something fun!

-Stacie Thompson-