WriteUp Waco Workshop


Writen by Spencer Lane 

This past Saturday (2/21/09), TXPK held its first workshop/jam at Baylor University in Waco, TX. We had a little over 30 people attending, with many of them beginners.
We started the morning off meeting over by the SLC(Student Life Center) at 10:00. After Mathew spoke a little about what parkour was for the new folks, we did some conditioning training. We started with a short jog to warm up, followed by some stretching. This was followed by diving monkeys, joint rotations etc. Afterwards we did several types of quadrupedal movement. We did some warm up rail work, this included balancing and cats for the most part. We then went and started working on basic skills such as rolls, lazy vaults, speed vaults etc.
We took a break for lunch, at which time most of the beginners took off. After lunch, we went back and there was jammed with the 10-15 folks still there along with some messing around for a photographer.
Overall the Waco jam was a great success, and as there was a good turnout from the Waco area, hopefully it will generate the momentum needed to establish a regular training for the community. {mos_fb_discuss:18}