Waco Workshop Coming This Weekend


Hey all, there was previous talk about training and jamming in communities other than our six major communities. As such, we present the first of these jams:

Location: Waco
Date: Sat 21 February 2008
Time: 10 AM


All skill levels are welcome! Newbies welcome! We will start out with a training session (divided by skill level) and then an afternoon jam with freer format.

It is very likely we’ll be holding it on the Baylor campus. More details as they arise; I wanted to get this date out as soon as possible so you could mark off your calendars.

It may be possible to use Austin as a staging ground on Friday, since it’s only an hour and a half away from Waco. Matthew on the other hand will be able to offer his place for traceur housing. I may or may not be able to offer my place as a place to crash, depending on a variety of factors. Any other Austinites able to do so?