Texas Parkour Inc.


     Texas Parkour Inc. is finally a non profit filed with the State of Texas.  Now, Texas Parkour Inc. has been paid nothing for years but now we get to do it with legal vigor!

     It culminates the training path of Matthew Lee Willis.  He has fought for many years to get the organization off the ground and further its ability to grow with the community.  Matthew Lee Willis, turns 4 today.  He is proud that Texas Parkour was able to be a Non Profit within his 3rd year of training.  It came close but he feels that within this next year of training he will be able to bring Texas Parkour to heights not seen in any community. With the ability to help other communities.

     Texas Parkour Inc. has always been about its members and the ability to bring people together.  Some of the many goals the organization will be going after will include:

-Emergency Service Outreach
-PSA’s for Schools
-Abundance of new articles: Health/Training/Fitness/Educational