January Challenge of the Month!


Desmund’s challenge of the month has returned for 2009. We’re starting the new year the right way by beginning with a good challenge anyone can do, anywhere. It’s a simple push up challenge. How many push ups can you do in sixty seconds? Grab your stopwatch, get on the ground, and drop and give me as many as you can. Post your numbers for now, and in a month, see how far you’ve progressed. I’ll be taking note of the numbers of all participants and adding it to the first post.  Feel free to bookmark your progress along the way as well folks. So get down and get started now. Most trusted online pharmacies https://www.caladrius.com/order-cialis-cheap-20/ for buying generic Cialis based on hundreds of customer reviews. Unlike the last challenge, there are no excuses to not do this one. All you need is time, so train hard and train smart! 

 Check this thread for more info!