Fighting Method University Workshop Write Up


Taken from Jereme Sanders blog

This past Saturday saw Matthew Willis and I leading a workshop at the Fighting Method University in Ft. Worth, Texas. We had a great turn out of about 38 people ready to learn a little about the conditioning we go through for Parkour.

The Day started pretty cold, as we were setting up how the workshop would run as well as just staying warm we didn’t initially see a great turn out of actual locals which at first was kind of a let down, but it was still early so we were hopeful. The time came around to officially get started with the workshop so we rounded everyone there up (which was about 20 at the time) and started with a bit of running to warm up. We ran forwards, backwards, Grapevine, Side shuffles, hops and then led into a couple different forms of quadrupedal. We went over forward, backward, side monkeys, the galloping planet of the apes style as well as a couple others that elude me. It was about this time I’d say about 15 more people showed up out of nowhere for the workshop so while we kept the warm up going they went to get signed in and started as well.

We then worked into some joint rotations and then straight into diving monkeys and the progressions to it, side plank and all that kind of thing, was pretty intense for my shoulder but was, as usual, a great deal of fun and really sucked at the same time. After those we did a great deal of technical work just doing repetitions of precisions on the ground and then roll technique work.

After the technical stuff we had a short water break and used whatever obstacle we could muster, which ended up being a couple of piled up tires and striking pads and an obi and soft bo. Main focus of the drill was creativity and fluidity moving however you wanted first to just get a feel of your body and what you could do with it. After a bit of this we actually worked a couple basic vaulting and passing techniques and finished it up afterwards.

When the workshop finished we did a bit of messing about for this photographer behind and around the university, hopefully some good pictures will ensue.

Overall it was a really great experience I feel as it actually got a good deal of the North Texas guys out to an event, which had been quite a task before, and hopefully with this short term boost of community we can have regular trainings and a more tight knit community in the North Texas Scene.