Blood, Sweat and Plasma


We all work hard to for Texas Parkour.  We all put our blood sweat and tears into the discipline and art.  What Texas Parkour is proposing is for you to give us your plasma.  That’s right.  You can help us get our non-profit together before the new year by going with us to give plasma for the cause.

December 29th

PLASMA JAM- I want to group as many possible people together for a large jam. Fun, training and hilarity will commence. At the end of the jam we will all meet together and go to one or several hospitals and GIVE PLASMA. Not, that hard of a job, get stuck with a needle and have someone else benefit from it.

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San Antonio ZLB Plasma Service
8725 Marbach Road, #275
San Antonio, TX 78227
Ph: 210-675-4521 Fax: 210-675-4523

Arrive Early morning and it would be an ALL day process. It needed to be early in the week and 2 weeks from now. We can go twice a week at this location as well, if we want to plan a second donation. Which we will. LETS GET THIS ONE OUT OF THE WAY THOUGH!

Donation will be $40 for each person. Second Donation $40.

We need 10 people: $400 (more would be great)

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