The Art of Displacement


The Art of Displacement is a short documentary directed by Felipe Trevino. This documentary takes a look at the art form called Parkour and its presence in Texas.  The documentary features Matthew Lee Willis Music by: Calame, CDK and Mumblemix. Produced at the University of Texas at Arlington. The short was also a Official Selection for the 2008 AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL

We feel that Felipe Trevino did a great job at captureing the art behind displacement.  At the film festival the short was met with high regard.  Many of the directors of other shorts as well appreciated an praised Felipe’s work.  Sitting in the theatre it was great to see standing room only in a 200 seat theatre knowing that they were there to see that documentary.  After the documentary there was a Q&A to the director.  One man had spoken asking if we were trying to spread propoganda with the documentary.  Felipe Answered.  “I had intended on telling the story of these people.  There’s no other side to the philosophy or art but what is shown here.”