Performance Team Chosen


Texas Parkour Performance Team – TPPT, and tentatively Team Gibbon, has been assembled.  Team Gibbon goes as far as this time last year.  Gibbons, known for their amazing brachiation, have become a bit of a mascot to some of the members on the team. It stated with Mike Avery.  The first job many of us Texans had was in Dallas.  He brought this great yellow bag with none other then a Gibbon on its front.  The production crew refered to us many times as Gibbon as well as it being the official *put all your crap in it* bag.  It has seen most of the Texas Parkour projects over the year and we are glad to tenitivly be thinking of it as our title.  Enough with that… Who’s on the team?  Congratulations to:


Mike Avery – Levi McGlathery -Jonathon Tapp -Devin Martin – Thomas Tapp