Fox News in San Antonio! *update video*


Update Video:  (click street stunts)

This last weekend saw Fox News come to the San Antonio training! They got a good amount of footage for their time with us and we hope to see them do a great job with what they took!

Read more for a small write up of the training. 


Day started without any real incidence and the news crew showed up around the time Matthew started leading everyone through the stretching portion of our warm up. They started shooting as soon as they got on the scene and after the warm up they got a couple interviews before we headed off to the playground area for some of the actual training portion. Some of us went through a quick lap of follow the leader while the news crew singled out a couple of the people there to do a bit for the camera. After a short time at the playground we headed off to the convention center covered area and the news crew got all of us doing a good amount of follow the leader training there and ended their shoot with us by getting a small run from Matthew, Devin and I. Though they weren’t with us long I feel they got enough footage to do a decent job with us and we are definitely looking forward to the finish product!


Set to Air on Nov. 10th