Massage Jam 14th



The jam will continue, the massages will be weather pending 🙂 (she has to travel 2 hours to come) 

Who: Nicole Mebane (student of Austin School of Massage)

What: Massage Jam.  We get to train and watch the clock for your turn to get a 15 to 20 min (maybe multiple) massages while you train, before you train or after you train.  I would also like the jam to be a bit of a CROSS training session.  I would love those who tumble or do martial arts to come out and show us some of your moves, even swing dancers.

When: September 14th at 11am

Where:  UT Campus at the tower.

Why:  Nicole Mebane is a good friend of mine from school.  She is required to host a table at an event somewhere and do free massages.  So blam, what better place then here with us, massaging athletes who need it.

Thank you everyone for their advanced support.  I would like to see people from other cities as well get out there and be apart of the jam!

She is doing this for FREE, you are not required to tip.