Parkour Magazine


That is right.  TXPK is going to start to publish a bi-monthly or quarterly magazine.  It will feature just some of the following.  This is a magazine for Traceurs made by Traceurs.  The benefits are

One: Money.  Its not a lie.  Texas Parkour will get the proceeds from the magazine.  Along with people payed for articles/etc. as well as the people that work on the magazine.

Two: Giving. This is a way to get exposure to young upcoming publishers and artists in the Parkour Community.  We will work with bigger companies but we will try to work with young artists on t-shirts designs, independent photographers and upcoming small business.

Three: Community. We will be allowing each community the ability to add content or even their own page into the magazine.  You can advertise your events and content about your local/state/national community.

Four: Content.  We will be having great content from all around the world.  We will be giving everyone the possibility to publish anything they want in the magazine.  Obviously we will not take everything but we want to include as much as possible.

Some content:  Click READ MORE…

-Feature articles on traceurs
-Featured Photos from independent photographers
-Training articles
–conditioning help
–technique help
–healthy eating/living
–Parkour specific humor??
-Current events related to national level – News Stations/Movies/etc

First issue will be very low budget.  There will be the great magazine but we will be selling it the first round only for cost.  We will be using a beta site for the magazine.  The possibility would be able to have a printable version sent to your home or you can get a PDF version of it.  More information about where you can get it will be coming soon.

We will have an events page and we will be working with all communities that want to work with us so most information can be handed to us for FREE!  So please contact [b][/b] for an in depth questions or proposals to join up.  We plan to launch in about two months. Subscription information will be ready then.

Also, as mentioned above one of the great things about are magazine is we will be giving local communities the ability to publish within our magazine.  Scenes will be giving specific information in order to create the document that they need and they send the page to us.  You are able to design it in any way possible.  You are even able to receive sponsorships on your page including advertising (all advertising will be approved through TXPK)First time coming into the magazine with your page will be free!  The second issue will have a fee though.  We have a great matrix for those who want to try once or for a year.  The people that come with us on the first issue will get a great deal on the following issues. Is ordering generic Levitra online safe, learn on The idea behind the local pages are not to make a profit.  They will be cheap.  It will just be covering actually putting you in the magazine, so don’t worry.