Affiliate Program


Texas Parkour’s goal is to never tell you that a product will make you better or perform at a higher level.  Though, we love to pass on things that have the potential to help someone.  One of our first affiliates being Crossfit. We also hope to have very many relationships in the furture.  So that the members of this organization know we are willing and accepting of great products and services that we can put out to help you and to help us.  Please emal me if any proposals come up or any suggestions.

We are ready for our very first affiliate here on our website though.  The company is called Spokiz.  I personally have tried these glasses and they speak for themselves, back flip, vaults everything…they do not fall off.  The sunglasses are Polished Aluminum Framed with new technology using nipples, just ask them about their nipples.  Every pair of Sunglasses bought from our site Spokiz will donate a percentage to Texas Parkour.  Team Spokiz is ran by Brian Regan (not the comedian) and he is beginning training with us here in Austin.  We are glad to have him on the team.