Many organizations recently are having birthdays.  In June Texas Parkour is 3 years old.  We decided to celebrate by bringing out our new website. The new look is great but we really are excited about what Joomla, has been able to offer to many sites like ours. We will have the ability to concentrate on the community and bring many great benefits to the users. Starting off we have a great community profile that all can fill out and share with others.


Web 2.0 – This was the idea behind the new website. With the advent of the new site you will need to create a new login profile. The user will truly be able to add to the website on an every day basis. You may now submit articles and reviews over information on the front page. We have incorporated great features such as the Parkour Mattress; click a box in your profile as having the ability to house Traceurs in your area. They will be able to see that under the Parkour Mattress feature. We have integrated city pages for the locals in Texas and they have a rather large amount of information directly related to the events and news in your city.

With the upgrade of the complete integration of the site and message boards we will be leaving our old message boards behind. Do not worry many threads will be coming over and you may bring any thread back to life. More features are to come