Project Whitewash, May 31st


This is a small write up of what went on for San Antonio’s project Whitewash, basically a volunteer cleaning of our respective training areas.

 Original article can be found here 


  On the 31st of May, 5 people from the San Antonio area of Texas Parkour went downtown to clean up some of the various areas at which we train. With such a small turn out we didn’t get as much done as we had originally intended but we definitely made a dent and hope to work with parks and rec on furthering this.

The day started a little later than originally planned due to direction errors and some postponing of the times. We got started near the federal courthouse around noon where years of tacs and cats had blackened a good portion of the walls. It was definitely a lot more difficult than we expected and after about an hour we had cleaned only about a 5 feet high by 6 wide foot section of the wall.


We continued cleaning for a bit more after that, when Mike and I decided to head over to a local dollar store to try and by more supplies as plain rags weren’t enough to clean the dirty walls. While we were gone a hidden wall we didn’t see originally, in the covered section, got cleaned by the rest of the crew and on our return we decided to tackle the biggest part of the wall, probably 5 feet high and about 15 feet wide. With such a small group though we only made a small dent in the cleaning of the wall, the years of being subjected to nature and our foot steps were definitely more to clean than we thought and we didn’t have the manpower to get as much done as we would have liked.

From there we garnered our losses and continued on to the Wooden playground of Hemisfair park where we picked up trash for about 2 hours, focusing mostly on the perimeter of the park. All in all it was a good experience and if anything else it helped clean up our park a little bit. I recently got in contact with Parks and rec so hopefully more thorough operations like this can continue!

Jereme Sanders