Loose Change Campaign


The immediate fact is that Texas Parkour is trying to become a non profit organization. In that attempt we will have to spend $775 for processing fees.

We want to become a non profit so that we may apply for grants and do great things for the community. I feel that a For Profit Parkour organization just holds to many problems. One great thing we are going to start doing is:

Loose change. Everyone has it. I know with the DEBIT world we have today these campaigns are getting hard. Still the same we feel everyone should try to contribute. This is a direct way for those of you who want to help to actually be able to do it. The leaders of each town will be collecting any loose change that you have in your car, wallet, couches etc that you give them that week. There will be a pick up each week and we will keep a total listed amounts and see which city can gain the most amount of $$$. Now, parkour has not competition in it but we are going to remain competitive to get the job done.

Things you can do:

Ask parents for loose change
Ask Friends for loose change
Start a penny jar at your work
Start a penny jar in your home
Every time you say the word Can’t or Impossible you owe to the jar.
Check Couches
Check Cars
Check friends Houses and Cars