Leave No Trace


COMPLETED : Watch for more INFO and VIDEO.

This Project was initially started due to watching a video of a young traceurs pilgrimage to Lisses. ThisTraceur decided to make the surrounds he trained on nicer then when he came. There was a push and Project: Leave No Trace was created. Texas Parkour was one of many communities that were involved. Read further for the man behind the project.

Parkour is a beautiful thing, but the landscapes we use are public domain, and they are not only there for us. Where I train in Hamilton, it is a city renowned for its pollution and smog. One particular training spot is in the heart of downtown, and is some of the worst areas in terms of broken glass, random crap sprawled around, and just a general and unpleasant view. Even the nearby parks are in terrible shape. These aren’t areas that are secluded. Our training ground is also the practice ground for skaters, bikers, rollerbladers, runners, the homes of the homeless, shopping centers for the middle class, a place to leisurely walk for the elderly.

As I’m leaving Hamilton soon, I want to leave it in a better state than it was in when I walked into it. I want the Parkour community here remembered for not just being some kids who fucked around on the structures, or even dedicated athletes, but also a positive force in the city; a positive force for the youth and an asset to Hamilton’s culture. What I propose is that sometime during the month of April, since more people, traceurs or otherwise, get outside and enjoy the weather and enjoy the environment, we should try to make it a better place for all of these people. One weekend in April, I will be getting together the Hamilton traceurs, ready with gloves and a whole lot of garbage bags, we’re going to pick up all the litter in our downtown training spot, from the mall to the library to the city hall, court of justice, and park. We will go so far as to pick up individual shards of glass, because they’re simply dangerous. And once every trace has been cleaned, then we’ll jam and have a great time.

I want April to be the month that traceurs all over the world make their communities a better place for everyone. I would love to hear stories from each of your communities, see pictures, watch videos. With no reward of recognition, no acknowledge for what we have done, let us go in and help our communities out. Let us be useful. Let us use our abilities to climb to the lesser scene corners of our cities, and even clean those up, because they collect garbage like magnets! And for a month, let us unite in this initiative, and be a global community, and make the entire world a better place for all who would enjoy the outdoors this spring and summer.