EPPK Academy


El Paso Parkour Academy was created by the most experienced traceurs in El Paso in order to have a safe location to train individuals interested in learning the art of movement.  At the academy, we teach basic and intermediate techniques, including proper landing, rolling, and falling techniques in order to safely recover from a fall.  We also cover specific parkour movements such as various vaults, wall climbs, precisions, underbars, tic-tacs, etc.  We place an emphasis on safety and advancing at ones own pace in order to build the proper base of fundamentals.  The first portion of the class is also dedicated to proper conditioning and stretching to develop a body more capable of doing the movements in parkour.
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PK Classes are Sunday from 10am to 1pm and Thursday from 5 pm to 8pm.  Cost is $25 a month with a one time $25 dollar registration fee. $15 dollar uniform shirt must also be purchased and worn during any EPPK Academy function (classes, city training, jams, demos, etc.)

Freerunning (tumbling/flipping/tricking) class is Saturday from 12pm to 1pm. Cost is $10 a month and student must be enrolled in the PK class to participate in the Freerunning class.


Any questions email Tony Shinobi at ShinobiFoF@yahoo.com or call 915-867-6954