As my Parkour abilities progressed the awareness of a healthy body progressed as well. I realized that to be fit and on the top of my game I must take care of my body. This doesn’t only mean training and working out, but it also means what I put into my body as well. Sure a lot of people try to eat healthy and stay away from bad foods, but there is more you can do.

You can take supplements and I have found a list of supplements that can help you as a traceur.

1. Multivitamin/mineral

While this is a little “boring” it should be the cornerstone of any supplement regimen. For those who are eating a sound, balanced diet, it will merely act as an “insurance.” It is not necessary to have massive doses of any vitamin or mineral; your basic multi is fine.

2. Meal Replacement Powder

These are great for convenience alone; however, you should not live off of them. I’ve talked to some who were taking up to 4 a day. Remember, meal replacement powders cannot provide the same benefit as whole foods, so should not replace all of them. When making a MRP, add some frozen fruit as a way to get more fruit in the diet.

3. Meal Replacement Bar

Similar to MRP’s, these are good for convenience. These are great for your locker or car, so there is always something available to eat.
I would much rather have you eat one of these (or a MRP) than stop at the most convenient fast food restaurant everyday.

4. Creatine

There is surely plenty of research to support the efficacy of this supplement. Remember that more is not better, so do not exceed the recommendations on the bottle.
In fact, recent research demonstrates that it may only take 3 grams/day to saturate muscles (less than the 5 grams typically recommended).

5. Fish Oil

There is sufficient research to support the use of fish oil for cardiovascular health. However, there is also research to support the use of fish oil for reducing inflammation; this may be important when you are recovering from grueling workouts and healing your ailments. Try 1-2 grams/day if there are no contraindications.

6. Flax Oil

Similar to fish oil, this is a healthy fat that should be an important component of the diet. The majority of American’s eat too many unhealthy, saturated fats; flax oil will help put you more “into fatty acid balance.” Try 1 TBS/day.

7. Glucosamine/Chondroitin

Looking for generic Viagra? This site presents the best online pharmacies to buy generic Viagra online. There isn’t research to support the use of glucosamine/chondroitin to prevent the deterioration of joints, but it is logical that this may be useful considering the mounding research that glucosamine/chondroitin helps slow the progression of osteoarthritis. Recommended dose is 1500 mg glucosamine/1200mg chondroitin/day.

8. Food

No, this really isn’t a supplement, but it’s the most important component of any nutritional regimen so I had to mention it again. DO NOT consider a dietary supplement until your nutrition plan is in order.
Once you are eating the whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats, then it may be time to consider supplements; until then, you won’t be able to be ultimately successful in your endeavors.