Parkour Generations Seminar


Yes, Jereme Sanders is pretty much the guy who has trained with Parkour Gen a lot and he has gained their respect. Much props to Jereme for this. He will be basically heading the project of trying to get them here.

For those of you who did not came to Ohio, Parkour Generations as told us they are willing to come to Texas. THERE ARE MANY FACTORS OF COURSE THAT MAKE THAT POSSIBLE. Biggest issue we have here in Texas Parkour is the money. Parkour Generations is not free. We are purposing the same amount of money as Ohio did to get them here. 10,000 dollars. It is quite a bill but there are many that have done it and will be another.

Dates are up in the air of course but we are trying to get the date of DEC 10th to 15th. If you have better suggestions you may add but these are quite possibly the best dates and do not get offended if we take your date.

We have a lot of work ahead of us and to tell you the truth we have many projects to work on in front of this one. Just because it is in December does not mean it can be put on the back burner.
Financial: By the end of this summer we plan on having the stunt ranch built and possibly getting income from that. As well, as we plan on Texas Parkour being a non profit by that point and then asking for grants to fund the project. We are also looking into some product sponsorship; sobe, lifewater, H-E-B type things.
Attitude This goes without saying. We need those most dedicated and educated to the strict cause that we are trying to create. Preparation for months of conditioning and planning will take plan. I would like to make it a goal to be fit enough for them to respect our fitness level.

Probably the most important here. Those that have been to one of the seminars would know better then others. Our job here at Texas Parkour is not only to bring Parkour to everyone but to bring the truth and reality of it to everyone. I feel there is no greater way then to bring Parkour Generations here.