El Paso & Texas Parkour Merger


I am happy to announce that in an effort to further unify the Texas Parkour scene, El Paso Parkour has joined the ranks of Texas Parkour. For several years, El Paso Parkour, formed by Tony aka shinobifof, has operated independently, gathering a decent following by appearing in several news outlets (The Verve, Whats Up Magazine, El Paso Times, etc.) and performing at various events in Parkour demonstrations (grand opening of Concrete Jungle, El Paso Sports Expo, Dia De Los Ninos festival, etc). EPPK founded and operates the only Parkour specific training facility in the Southwest, with fully customized PK training equipment being built now. After several key members from Texas Parkour attended a very successful jam hosted by Fight or Flight (now disbanded) in mid March, planning started on how we could make Texas a stronger and more united community. EPPK is very proud to be joining forces with TXPK in order to accomplish this and help the Texas scene, as a single operating entity, realize it’s goals. We are all very excited to have this opportunity and will be hitting the ground running and vaulting and climbing any obstacle in our way! This will mean that Texas Parkour will, in the fall, have two training facilities open. That is a great and amazing accomplishment for us. Thank you Tony and all the hard work he will do for us in the future View a video of theirs.